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2019 gründete ich einen Blog zum Thema psychische Gesundheit namens "DamnItsHard". Der Name wurde durch meinen Hintergrund als Co-Active Life Coach und ein traumatisches Ereignis inspiriert, das mich dazu brachte, selbst Trost und Hilfe in Blogartikeln zu suchen. Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass echte Veränderung ein schwieriger Prozess ist und dass dich niemand außer du selbst "reparieren" kann. Es erfordert Hingabe und harte Arbeit.

Auf DamnItsHard findest du eine Sammlung von wertvollen, archivierten Blogartikeln. Obwohl sie schon vor einiger Zeit geschrieben wurden, ist ihr Inhalt für viele, die Unterstützung und Anleitung suchen, nach wie vor von großer Bedeutung.

Poor listening skills in communication - blog article from bilingual in English and German writer, translator Andrea Cramer

Aktives Zuhören: So wirst du zu einem mächtigen Zuhörer - Selbsthilfe Blog

Poor listening skills in communications are one of the biggest problems in our society. It seems more relevant to talk about ourselves, everything we do, and what's happening in our life than learning about the person we talk to. We have the feeling we need to prove we're important.

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Expat life: Is it time to go home? Blog article from writer and translator Andrea Cramer

Expat life: Time to return home? - Mental Health Blog

Presumably, every Expat has that moment where the question arises, "Should I go back home?". If your home country isn't an option for several reasons, the issue might be "Where to go next?".

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How to deal with sexual assault, trauma, ptsd - blog article from writer and translator Andrea Cramer

PTSD: How to deal with sexual assault - Mental Health Blog

This blog post is a big one! It took a long time to write about it. While doing that, I'm coaching myself. One of the most important steps toward healing PTSD is talking about and acknowledging the trauma because it's 

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High functioning depression: The invisible suffering - blog article from writer and translator Andrea Cramer

High Functioning Depression: The invisible suffering - Mental Health Blog

Do you have the feeling that something is just not right? You can be happy, but you feel exhausted and down without any reason? Have you thought about depression but can't identify with the common 


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Life lessons from a dog - Mental Health Blog

Bark and sniff from me - Pran, the dog! Today I'll share some essential life lessons with you. It's time for humans to get advice on enjoying life more and stop worrying so much.

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Can translators use AI-tools? Article from professional, bilingual in English and German writer and translator Andrea Cramer

Can translators use AI tools? - Freelance writer and translator

Admittedly, some of the latest AI translation tools are pretty good. If you compare them to just a few years ago, you get some usable texts, depending on the language. They are lovely if you go on vacation and 

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